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Earlier, Nike announced that its multifunctional outdoor product extension ACG will officially return to our vision, Nike will once again focus on the production of high-quality outdoor products branch, then in the days before Nike have also released the latest series of clothing styles. The Nike and not because of extreme sports performance and team pursuit at the expense of its beauty, follow the popular trend this year, minimalist style in this new play the most incisive, not too much exaggeration of type design, make the whole series of very cool feeling. It is reported that the series has landed NikeLab glo cheap jordan shoes for men bal stores, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.Believe that DORAEMON animation is a classic of childhood memories, this time, Packer shoes shoe store, the Japanese trend of atoms DORAEMON United Reebok provides us with a classic cartoon image of the heart in the foot of the opportunity. The shoe is made of fluffy material, and the DORAEMON bell is skillfully integrated into the Pump inflatable valve. The insole is also full of DORAEMON cartoon images, and there are also a pair of children's versions. The shoe has not yet released the sale information, like friends may continue to pay attention to Retro jordans for sale our reports. in the era of entering the capital market competition, BELLE listed after mergers and acquisitions tide, Wenzhou shoe enterprises have to pay enough attention to, should accelerate the capital management of Wenzhou shoes, enhance international competitiveness. "China's footwear industry has entered a reshuffle stage, the reshuffle and transformation of the Wenzhou footwear industry are inevitable," winter may not be far away." Deputy director of the Wenzhou shoe industry association, said the Secretary General Xie Rongfang. This is not alarmist, in recent years, the prices of raw materials, l cheap jordans for sale mens abor costs, recruitment is difficult, the energy problem and many other factors are squeezing the profits of enterprises; and the export tax rebate policy adjustment, in January 1st this year the implementation of the "labor contract law", for Wenzhou shoe enterprises has brought great pressure to survive. according to the survey of the Wenzhou shoe industry association, in recent months, the city has more than 70 small and medium-sized enterprises closed down or converting, in recent years is the collapse of the largest number of one year or over. Does this mean that the "winter" of shoe enterprises in Wenzho cheap foamposites u has arrived? Wenzhou shoes enterprises how to break the bureau? listed mergers and acquisitions so that competition upgrade "AOKANG doesn't work with GEOX, and GEOX shoes are on sale."." In recent years, the continuous sale of AOKANG and Italy GEOX brand of China sales agent relations will soon end, the listed company BELLE will become GEOX new China sales agent news. March 7th, the reporter found in front of the city gate store intime GEOX counters, originally very few discount GEOX shoes are conducting promotional activities. "AOKANG and GEOX sales agent contract expired, we do not sell GEOX shoes, and Cheap air jordans for sale counters in a few days on the withdrawal, the sale agent was taken away by BELLE."." One of the counter's shopping guide said. March 16th afternoon, the reporter found in intime, the original GEOX counter has disappeared. "Withdrew on the night of March 15th."." Intime original GEOX counter, a shopping guide next door shop said. Relevant responsible person told the reporter of AOKANG group, AOKANG and Italy GEOX brand Chinese sales contract has ended, but the two sides will continue to cooperate in the field of production, will continue to be the world's largest GEOX producer, but AOKANG has made a well-known Retro jordans for sale brand of Italy Wanli Wade global brand management, the brand of all global marketing AOKANG is responsible for the operation, so the cooperation with GEOX sales ended, does not affect AOKANG's global marketing strategy. BELLE has been confirmed as a distributor of GEOX in China yesterday. Mr. Li of BELLE marketing told reporters that BELLE has indeed made the GEOX China sales agent, and they are currently planning a new marketing network for GEOX. In May 23rd of last year, BELLE international was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), with the market value of over HK $100 billion at present. It is the cheap jordans for sale largest mainland retail listed company with the largest market value of Hong Kong stock exchange. Subsequently, BELLE has acquired 1 billion 600 million yuan to Senda group's assets)Earlier we had earlier for you exposure next year will be the new release of the Nike Air Foamposite One Metallic Gold, on the Internet recently added a set of a real shot pictures. This with the brilliant golden Foamposite material to build the body of the shoe, with a black tongue and inside, finally carry on a translucent outsole. release date: March 14th video-028562.jpg (142.27 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Foa Cheap air jordan 12 ovo mposite One Metallic Gold 2014-12-29 22:41 upload video_image-331860.jpg (294.52 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Foamposite One Metallic Gold 2014-12-29 22:41 uploadSince March 25th, people in Chengdu have been able to buy high-end shoes made in Chengdu. Yesterday, China's women's shoes, a well-known shoe prices and France, Paris international renowned designer Karine Arabian joint venture, registered a new company, teamed up to build China's "Ladies' capital" high-end women's shoes brand. Its first franchised store in Wuhou District, Tongzi forest north road officially unveiled. "Chengdu speci Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping alty store products are from the famous French designer Karine Arabian hand."." Relevant person in charge of the company said, the brand Tongzi forest store is the company's first store set up in china. According to the plan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Dalian and other places will also open the brand of women's shoes chain stores, then by the French designer design, Chengdu made brand shoes will go to the world. it is understood, Karine Arabian was born in the traditional family, graduated from the French High Fashion Art Institute (ESMOD), 1993 Hyè res contest winners, Madonna, Isabell cheap jordans online a Adjani, Vanessa successively served as star and para flute designer. In 2000, she founded her own jewelry brand, and also established shoes, leather bags and other high-end leather products line. After Karine Arabian and Chengdu shoe enterprise join forces, the design creation of the product comes from Paris, pure handiwork is made in Chengdu. It is understood that the brand of women's shoes stores will take high-end sales routes, the sale of most brands of women's shoes priced at 2000 - 4500 yuan. (Editor: admin)Adidas has extra love flower pattern, and even spread to Adidas Basketball with. Recently, the official design to the Washington Cherry Blossom Festival once a year, with John Wall and Damian Lillard in the city of flowers as the design theme launched a new Florist City flower series. The Rose City D Lillard 1 to salute the color Portland famous Rose Garden, while the Cherry Blossom version of J Wall 1 is in full bloom Sakura scene draw inspiration from washington. 1.jpg (159.45 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Basketball Florist City flower series 2015-3-11 upload 22:12 5.jpg (174.89 KB, download number: 3) download adidas Basketball Florist City flower series 2015-3-11 22:13 upload 3.jpg (136.69 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Basketball Florist City flower series 2015-3-11 upload 22:12 2.jpg (126.21 KB, download number: 3) download adidas Basketball Florist City flower series 2015-3-11 upload 22:12 4.jpg (108.79 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Basketball Florist City flower series 2015-3-11 22:13 upload 6.jpg (132.68 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Basketball Florist City flower series 2015-3-11 22:13 upload to material of Posite as a vamp primary presentation of FoamPosite one and FoamPosite Pro believe is the most customized Daniel to be familiar with the choice, however, besides shoes is already beyond basketball shoes category, has become one of the representative of the trend in the field of culture; overwhelmed, for everyone to bring some custom models of spray foam appreciation, see if you can provide some inspiration for you to customize? search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!

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